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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wow What happened to December

Sorry guys. Somehow December ran away from me. But now it is January, 2012. Time to get cracking on these books. This morning I ordered 105 pictures from Walgreens. Use code NINE to get 9 cents per 4x6. Yeah for deals!!!!!

I used the Imagine Yummy cart for this. OK no flaming, yes, this is for my daughter's 5th birthday. She turns 5 in June of this year. Craziness I know but the layout just kind of designed itself and a 5 was just the way to go. :)

BTW I still love my 5th Imagine!!!! LOL

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2 Ducky said...

5 imagines? Oh my gosh. You are one patient woman. Beautiful layout. :)