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Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Day

I really wanted to see what I could do mixing up carts and cuts so this one uses lots of different elements. I was really worried about the printing before I got the Imagine but the colors are so vibrant and the blend together so well. I am in happy happy land playing now. :)

Here I used my Imagine with Art Philosophy, Mickey Font, and Better Together. I loved being able to match the color of the font shaddow with the paper I used on top so easily. I even did a few cuts with the cut only feature. I really love what I can do with this machine. So much happier now that replacement 5 has not only passed the 5 day mark but is working so well alone and with CCR.

These pictures were taken with my phone but the colors here are soooo pretty.


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Bunnyfreak said...

Love the colors. Glad to hear the Imagine is still working.