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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Noah's Ark

What I am going to do from now on is give you my honest opinion about what I do or don't like about different sets.

OK This thing was just as challenging as the real thing to build. Well not that bad LOL. It did come out adorable though. I would not recommend going any smaller or the pieces may get lost in the dust!!! Any bigger and you are dealing with a wall piece LOL. It sure does come out cute though. So 4 hours later Linda and I got one complete. I have a special person in mind who will get a nice wall piece from this. :) I could use some great baby papers and a nice 12 x 12 frame. It cut really nicely. I did pop up the back a bit to make it taller to accomodate the animals but that was no biggie. I used extra paper in the back for bracing. Also, on the ark, Make sure you lay it out before adhearing it all together. Each piece is unique and goes together in order.

It comes out so nice. If you don't have this file set I would get it for sure. Just take your time and be patient with it.

Have a grea night. :)

PS Yip Somewhere in there I announced that I am now designing for SWEETSASSYDIVA!!!!!!!!!

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Nati Tristan said...

That is definitely too cute! A wall piece would look so delightful!