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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am LOVING my new YUDU.

So my YUDU is my new best toy. I am making fun stuff over and over. I found the 220 mesh screen today at my local M's. I like it much better than the 110 it comes with. I am also using the liquid emulsion and loving that too. Way cheaper and super easy to do. I am using the dpeedball DIAZO photo emulsion stuff. Works GREAT.

3 things I have figured out so far

1. Use painters tape to mask off the edges. this is a MUST.

2. Put the cleaned in a spray bottle or you will waste a bunch.

3. Do the buring part for 9 minutes with the liquid emulsion instead of the standard 8 minutes.

I am sure you will see lots more on this. Here are 2 shirts from today.

1 comment:

scrapgal said...

They look great!!
Have fun and enjoy you new toys:)