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Saturday, January 8, 2011

2 cards to out in my stash

So did anyone else catch the great cart deals at Michaels this week. I was super excited and picked up a few for myself. What an amazing price.

I made a couple of cards today to add to my stash. I miss making cards more often so I am going to make it a point to get more done this year. Then I am going to make sure to use them too. LOL

My kids have been keeping me super busy. Next weekend we are going skiing. This week I will make 2 layouts for the pictures I am sure to get. Even my 3 year old is taking lessons. I like to get the layouts done before hand to get a few shots that would fit into the theme well. Then I get tons of real life shots to go with it.


Anonymous said...

I love your bear. . . Where did you find such an adorable bear?
Can I ask you a favor. I went to the SLC Utah swarm, but did not go to the store! DUH! And I am NOT GOOD at designing a cricut circle! BAD actually. LOL! You should see the ones I have tried. Hideous! Yes, I am ashamed.
Would you mind sharing? I promise, I would never sell it! Or share it!!!
On my honor as a women of honor.
My name is LeAnn, and I go buy
Thank you in advance!
And I LOVE everything you do!!!!
I wish I could design like so many of you do!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any ants files? Since I am Antann. My niece and nephews gave me that name years ago. funny. But I just smile with pride when 12 years later I still am Antann. When less they slip (on purpose I am learning) and call me grandma!
They are the closest thing to grandma I may get for years!!!!
Thanks again, Antann

Anonymous said...

oh my, I think I am stalking you!!!

Sorry! LOL


Lilygirl said...

Hi! Can you please E-mail me about the cart I won from you on October 22. I have still not received it. I have e-mailed you twice about this and I have not had a response. I may have the wrong e-mail addy. Please contact me.
Regards, Colleen