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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Michal and a Poem

Every Year my kids school has an Art and Poetry night. This year my oldest son is in 6th grade. He is only 10 but hangs out with the older kiddos. LOL He's a smarty pants. This year I did not get to see his poems until last night. I was moved by one especially. My son inspires me everyday. But there is hurt there. Things that have happened. Things I see in his poem. Hurt. If you knew him you would know just how profound these two poems are.

Some of you may remember last years poem I posted. If not here it is.

Just Michal
By: Michal 2009

I am from nuts and bolts
and ratchets too.
I am from anything
that racers do.
I am from bits and bytes
and computer noise
and organized rooms
with lots of toys.
I am from strong people
with helping hands
making big changes
across the lands.
I am from orange balls
that shoot through hoops
and tennis shoes
where I can't seem to tie loops.
I am from hope and love
that comes straight from above.
I am from dragons and fantasy
Just close your eyes and imagine me.

This one was just as good in a different way.

So here is this years Poem:

Question Me
By: Michal 2010

When the waves are crashing
Ask me which blunders I have made
So far in my life.
Ask me about how people come and go,
As I judge whether they help or hurt.
Ask me how I never gave third chances.
Ask me how the quick judgment was helpful
Or hurtful so far.

I will listen to your statement.
You and me can look and pay attention
To the ocean’s waves crashing along the
Shore and stare. We know that there is
Thick amounts of water there, hiding;
They come and go into the shore to out
In the middle of the ocean that contains
The crashing in front of us. When the
Waves talk I talk as well.


Brenda said...

Wow, wonderful. I love both of these poems. He might have something there...great job and such insight

Peggy said...

Love both poems that I found when I came looking to see who won the Thank Youf Gift blog candy.