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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A winner You guys really want a winner LOL

OK so here is the winner for the 80's blog hop. This is for the second Lite cart I am giving away. There is a post for the winner of the 1st one and hers is on its way!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!

So the winner of the 80's blog hop is.............


Very cute I love making journals. TFS
Oh goodness the 80's hmm well I was going to say Fraggle Rock, but I see someone said that. My daugther who 4 now watches it on DVD!!!
Oh how about Beta tapes.. I remember going to the video store and having to either take the VHS tab or the beta tab.. LOL!!!!
thanks for the chance to win.
NYGIRL1994 at yahoo dot com

Email me at dailyscrapper @ gmail DOT com and let's chat about which cart you want!!!

Thank you all for playing it was soooo much fun.


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Congrats Tracy! :)

Lisa J said...

Wow that is alot of shirts! Great work!

Congrats Tracy!