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Monday, November 1, 2010

For You card - Smiley Cards - Pretzel

I got my gypsy to update using cricut sync YEAH!!!! I have cricut sync version on my computer. I updated both gypsy devices and on both I had to stop at the 100% mark for uploading files on the firmware update and then after a software restart was able to get success. So both my devices are up to date and both work with the 6 cartridges. YEAH!!!!!!!!

So my 6 year old LOVES soft pretzels so I made him a card and I will put a note inside for a date with mom to Auntie Annie's this week. It was super simple but mostly I just wanted to make sure my smiley cards would cut properly. It did and I am thrilled.


the cricutologist said...

That's great! I've been trying all day. Nothing yet! I'll just practice being patient.

goatesgirl said...

what is Cricut sync? is it different than the Gypsy sync...i tried 3 times this morning and no luck, which is really a bummer because I am sick today so I had planned on staying home and using the Gypsy to plan out all my projects for my crop retreat weekend in 2 weeks

Raven B said...

Just rubbin it in that I dont have it and you do. LOL no j.k. I just downloaded it woot woot SUPER AMAZING Card as always. :)

P.S. Yes Goatesgirl it is different. If you click on gypsy sync it should give you a link to follow, that will lead the way. Good luck!

Summer said...

Very cute, so far this cart looks so cute!

Celeste B. said...

YUM!!! What a cute card!! It's super yummy! :)