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Monday, October 11, 2010

Utah Swarm

My goofy kids had a blast sharing my chef hat and sunglasses.

Me and the cricut bug

I met this awesome lady at the dinner Friday night. We just hit it off right away. Then I found out she was from Texas too and I understood!!! We just clicked. Then she won this AWESOME gift. WTG girl Have a blast with it.

One of the make and takes. I really liked this one.

Kelly, Tiffany , Jean, Me, Judy, and Jaime

At the Friday night dinner

Yeah Ginger visited

JannaB was awesome AKA QueenB on the boards. We had a great time visiting with her. She did a great job with the swarm.

Michal and I made the smaller paper version of this house so I knew he would get a kick out of seeing a HUGE version of it.

OMG We had a BLAST at the swarm. Judy, Jean, Kelly and I all traveled up together. We met up with Jaime and Tiffany in Utah. I only sorta knew these guys but now I am sooo happy I went. I got to know them and they are AWESOME!!! These guys rocked. The drive the day of shopping and the swarm we all so much fun. We even made it to the circle dinner on Friday. We traveled all night Thursday and then slept 4 hours and shopped all day Friday. After a night of rest we headed off to the swarm. Jaime brought breakfast burritos that were great. Tiffany had a rough day. Pray for her please. She needs prayers of peace and comfort. After a great day of swarming and meeting people I have talked to online for so long. Met Becky and JannaB. Got to meet Janna Eubank and Pam. So many more I could go on and on. After a great drive home and lovely dinner, I am very happy to be home with my family. Thank you PC and I will so be going again next year.

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