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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Three & a card

So a friend made me a card for my birthday (and as an entry into our blog candy LOL) Here is a picture of it. :) Great job Linda. Yep you have heard that name here before. In honor of how much I love my bugs she made me this awesome card for my birthday.

In honor of my birthday and all the October birthdays out there I made a Birthday layout. LOL (How many times can we use one word in a sentence LOL) Anyway, this is from my daughter's 3rd birthday in June of this year. I really like it. Even broke out the sewing machine. (curse you Okie, it was heavy)

No idea what the paper line is but I can check later if anyone wants me to.

Don't forget to jump in on the blog candy. Since I have posters on two of the posts and I can see how it was a bit confusing I am going with the old names in a bowl swirl around and draw a name method. I will video it for you all to watch and have my middle kiddo draw for me. Just one day left so hurry up and enter if you haven't.


Raven B said...

Oh this is tooo cute. My babys birthday is on June 6th as well! Too funny. Have a great day.

Cindy said...

I love this card. It is so perfect for those Cricut Crazy friends (like myself).