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Friday, October 22, 2010

My son scrapped with me today

So when my oldest was about 6 he used to scrap with me. I even bought him a small album that he would put his creations in. It was totally sticker sneeze but he loved doing it and I loved his company. As he has grown up he has moved onto his own interests. He always makes genuine comments on my layouts. He will look at them and tell me what he likes about them. I hope he stays like this as he grows up. I love his genuine appreciation for things. So today I finally got him to make a layout of his own after he saw the rock on one I made. I think he saw that it can be simple sometimes and still look good. So he chose 3 pictures he really liked and decided to scrap with me. After choosing papers and embellishments we started working. I had to show him how to use the computer and the gypsy for the cuts. Then he inked edges (hard to do with a sponge dauber for smaller fingers.) Then I handed him my mono adhesive and he was off on his own. I think he did a great job. His title is because he says he was fishing for Moby Dick. LOL I laughed mostly because we were at a LAKE!!! LOL


the cricutologist said...

I love your story! It's so special that he spent that time with you. His LO is great! What cart is the whale from?

Raven B said...

How awesome is this! That is great that he is so creative just like his mamma. And all lakes have Moby Dick mom lol! Cute story.