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Sunday, May 16, 2010

For my scrappy friends who have kids who LOVE Pokemon

I have a ton of pictures to scrap from tournaments including Nationals, Worlds and various small ones from last yeas, plus all the tournaments from this year. Hum I need to get pics from my sister from regionals LOL. Anyway, I am making Pokemon cuts. Boy these are so much easier to do with SCAL 2 rather than using Inkscape. They are coming out great. My boys love em too.


AndreaA said...

My 15 y/o Grandson loved Pokemon.
He would have loved these.
I have lots of picture with him and his huge Pokemon pillow.
Great job!!

Flair Girl said...

-that would be ME! Excellent work! I'll have to get the title and a character from you-maybe Pikachu?! Jace is still grounded-but he has your letter written. Hope to talk to you soon. ~B.