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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Challenge #11 Wow Look at the Last one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at this I am now on the last challenge. Whew. After this I need to do some dishes, start dinner, and finish laundry. Been a bit distracted today. LOL

I love rainbows. So for the colors of the rainbow challenge I have made a layout for Lexi. It is simple yet sweet. Yes I know many of you say Pink IS NOT a color in the rainbow but see I have this 2 Very near 3 year old who insists PINK IS a color in the rainbow. So when I asked her what color should we use honey, she INSISTED in her precious way that it was to be pink and pretty. LOL So for our house Pink IS a color in the rainbow. LOL But just in case anyone gets fussy she does have BLUE in her top.

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