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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bob's Volcanic Adventure

My 6 year old is in Kindergarten at a very special school. This school is amazing and really pushes it's kids to the outer limits. The things my 6 year old can do are amazing. So he wrote a choose you own adventure book. It is SUPER cute. Tonight we made a cover for the book. We are using the Your Story for the binding in one of the books I got from Hobby Lobby. Then we used Dinosaur Tracks for the cover. Boy he had a blast putting the cover together. We used Don Juan for the title. The funniest thing was when he said mom let's put stickles on the lava and make it really pop. LOL We are going to laminate the cover once the stickles dry to keep it nice. He is very proud of his book. maybe I will type it up and put the story on here.

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That's so cute but he is even cuter!