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Friday, December 25, 2009

Contimplating the gypsy.

So I don't have a gypsy and had decided I did not want one BUT now I am thinking I may want one. They seem cool and something fun to do. I am thinking maybe like at soccer and basketball practice I would have something to work on. So what do you gypsy owners think? What one reason would sway me one way or another? Have they worked all the bugs out yet? hum just not sure.

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A Healthy Dose of Happiness said...

Hi, I found this video link helpful:

but THEN I just found out that there is a Make The Cut (MTC) program new on the market that might work better for me than the Sure Cuts A Lot. I would imagine the Webbook would still work for either program, if you wanted something besides a gypsy for on-the-go designing. Personally, I'm leaning away from Gypsy at this point (but also haven't made up my mind- overwhelming options!)

Hope this helps:)
-Marie R