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Friday, November 27, 2009

Snow Day

Happy Turkey Day to all of you. I am thankful for too many things to list but I am THANKFUL this year.

I love this layout. I am soooo excited for snow so I made a cutesy layout for pictures of snow play time.

So I did get out yesterday and go to Michaels. Guess what, I walked out emptihanded. :( I did not find a thing I wanted or needed. I was hoping they would have the uber new carts but it was a NO GO. Boy was my hubby a happy camper. shocked but happy LOL I will be at JoAnns tomorrow morning. I will find a cart for myself this weekend. :) I did get some great deals at Old Navy and Walmart so I am now halfway done with Christmas shopping Yippee.

So have been finding new ways to use the baby bug. My E died and I am stuck with a small one until I can get myself the big one again. It is tricky but possible.

The Daily Scrapper


Wife2TJ said...

very cute layout!!!

ScrappinRN said...

Another great layout! You just seem to churn these bad boys out. And of course there's the ever cute paper piercing- always a cute tear bear-ish thing (i.e. in this one the penguin!) I, myself, was not impressed with the scrapping sales this year. I went to Ms and did get the desktop organizer though. I figured since it would hold my extension cord it was well worth the money to keep from having to crawl under the table each time I wanted to switch tools ;-). I will also be using the drawer for my writables.. I didn't need one of the big drawers for pens and pencils because I don't have enough.. and you know they DO have to be stored horizontal. Just so you know, your package is safe and secure in my car and really is getting sent this week. I've been having a problem with my mail man (getting everyone's mail but my own!) so I'm actually hoping you haven't sent mine either yet because if you have, I doubt I'll ever see it! I'm on 52 sketches too btw!