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Monday, April 20, 2009

Figured it out

So I figured it out. You know why I am sooo much busier lately. Well I love helping this awesome family from Africa that moved here over 3 years ago. Well the end of the year is busy with 3 kids but imagine 8 total. I am looking forward to summer. Don't get me wrong I love doing this I am just a bit tuckered.

Plus my comcast decided to puke and has not been working right. I have not been able to get onto several sites but today they have found and fixed the problem. Yippee. Imagine no phone, crappy internet, and no cable. OMG I was in the dark ages.

Also, I have a prayer request. My mom had a hysterectomy last Monday. She is doing very well but please pray for a quick recovery.

I did manage to make a really cool card. We also finished a homeschool project that we will present tomorrow and then I will upload some pictures. My son did an awesome job. I will explain the details tomorrow when I post it. I am working tonight on a layout for fall. If I finish it tonight I will upload it. BTW Notice the new top note die. After I insisted I was good without it. SO I am definitely better off with it LOL!!!

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