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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

YIPEE And a PokeCandy LOL

So quick update my son came in 4th place which is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! He beat out some of the toughest players around. WTG BABY!!!!!!!!!!! He learned so much this weekend. We have been talking about all the new techniques and strategies for this weekend. SO since this is my craft blog I will say that I will be way busy for the rest of the week. NM State Championships is Saturday. So I am going to do a fun blog Candy. My son has decided I should give away a starter deck from the new Platinum series. So if you can tell me your favorite Pokemon I will do a random drawing Saturday evening. Next week I will do a fun crafty blog candy.


Spongemom Scrappants said...

We are into the classics here - LOL. Pikachu would be the fav. I actually made a Pikachu birthday cake for one of my older boys when they were little. My boys are now 17, 16, 13, and 7.

Holly said...

PokeCandy?! I love it! My four kids all have their own cards; ages 10, 8, 4, 1 - yes, even the 1 yr. old (she has a few that went through the wash). The older two are just getting into strategy and battling. Every time we go to the store they look at all the Pokemon cards, tins, etc.

My favorite Pokemon is Pikachu. My kids' favs are Squirtle, Pichu, and Jigglypuff.

Congrats to your son for 4th! WTG!

Caleb said...

Caleb is my DS. His favorite, and I quote, "would have to be .....long pause....Dialga." But he doesn't have this one. Of the ones he has it is Burmy Sand cloak.
He has just started w/them since last Sept. Tammy