Be Patient with my blog as it is a work in progress for the next few days. I have a header I like and a blinkie. So now I need to completer the rest of the template. I am learning PS5 as I do this so it may take a few days. Happy Crafting ~~Misty

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Busy Today

So this is why I got absolutely no crafting done today. Well I had planned to get the house cleaned and then work on a new layout during the baby's nap. So we got home from basketball (GO EAGLES they won by 1 point) anyway the baby tried to help me. She was taking a tea cup, you know the ones that are like a coffee mug only tall and skinny. Anyway she dropped it in the hall. Since we have hardwood floors it shattered. Must have fell just right she is not that tall so it did not fall far. So I came running just as she was trying to clean it up. So 4 stitches later I have spent the entire afternoon cuddling her and trying to help her feel better. Here is my sweet all bandaged up.