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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Swap - Be YOU

I did these for a swap at split coast stampers. So I love all my swaps but I really like the way they do swaps over there. First, the hostess gets to keep one of the layouts, which I totally believe is good because they do all the sorting and keeping up of items. Second, you only do a few like this one is a 2+1 where she keeps one and I get 2 back. The quality is awesome and I really don't need 10 Halloween layouts or whatever. Third, it is way easier to do 3-5 2 page layouts than 10. Don't get me wrong I will always swap with my dear friends at cricut. You guys are awesome. I think maybe we should adopt some of their ideas though.

P.S. The open space on the top page is for journaling. I was thinking a white pen would look good there.

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ScrappinRN said...

Hmmm.. it could definitely be an idea! Why don't we post it in the PYT swap and see if everybody would like to do that? Then again, the next several rounds are kinda sign up for however many you want. But, it's not a bad idea. I think we could break up into groups of 5.. and if people want to do more than they can just sign up for more groups!