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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A couple of awards

So I wanted to post that a couple of super great fellow scrappers and friends have given me a blog award.

Thank you to Wendy at

So the rules of the game are to name 5 blogs you like. So I will start by saying there are way more than 5 blogs I love. Here are my 5 for today.
I love what Lynn does with paper. Fabulous. Check out her work. She also sells on ebay and esty. He puts up a free cut file every Saturday to use with Scal among other programs. HELLO FREE!!! Plus he is a great crafter This stuff is soo cute. I love the detail in her work
Sending Robyn some love. Be nice to her. She does a ton of work for us. I love her videos and she makes super cute stuff. Check out her blog. BTW Robyn you look great. Yes I know seems like I am plugging myself. But seriously you have to get over to this site. These ladies have talent. There are some awesome layouts for the last challenge on there.

Next a big thank you to Lynn for this award:

The rules are that I must list 5 addictions and 5 fabulous blogs, so here goes:

My Addictions:

1. paper
2. exercising AKA running
3. the cricut MB
4. my husbands famous (at least in our house) pancake breakfast
5. my E

5 Fabulous Blogs: This girl cracks me up. Go check out her site very fun!!! I love her altered Pain Cans
Beautiful work You gotta check out the great work these ladies are doing for charity, yeo I am a member here too. But seriously there is some good stuff going on here. I just adore this gals cards.

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kisatrtle said...

First thanks for the new award. It's nice to be acknowledged twice in one post. Wow. Second, I don't care if you post my name. And P.S. I love that new layout!

~ Wendy