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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tagged, I'm it!!!

I have been tagged by kisatrtle

Six random facts about me...

1. I don't like to get the top item of anything. If I buy a newspaper it has to be from the middle of the stack. If something is on the shelf I will get one from that back.

2. I am a total arachnophobe.

3. I am a homechooling mom.

4. I have a Michal Jackson. Michal is 8 and Jackson is 4. It was purely accidental. They were named after their grandpas.

5. I can't handle someone sleeping in my bed other than someone in my immediate family. Dead skin cells creep me out.

6. I love tall men. My hubby is 6 foot 2 inches. Anyone I ever dated had to be taller than me.

I will be tagging:

Amy - Scraparrazi




kisatrtle said...

Thanks for playing along. I enjoyed reading your answers.

Maria Snook said...

That is funny! We share some of the same answers. I never, never, never take the top or front of something on a shelf and it drives my dh NUTS! I am also an arachnophobe. I am sooo allergic to spiders and they freak me out! And my dh is 6 feet 3 inches! I guess we have a bit in common.