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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Last challenge!!!!!!!!!

Remember you can enter all of them if you want!!!!

SO this challenge will be a two part challenge.

Prize includes a threading water punch (if you have it I will substitute another punch) and lots of other goodies to fill the package!!!! Hint two super cute stamps will be a part of it!!!

one entry per part you complete.

First tell us how you work time for creating into your day.

Second make anything you want to and then share with us!!!!!!! Lets see these creations Anything goes!!!!!!!!!

I work creating in by having my table and stuff in the main part of the house. Then I can watch all the kids and play with them and create all at the same time. Plus I put the kids to bed at 8 and work till about 11:00 pm each evening.

OK time on this one is the same as the 2nd challenge. Let's get workin!!!!


ladyobie said...

I stay up until at least 2am to get my creative time in. It's peaceful and I can work without interuptions.

Mary Jean said...

I'm one of the lucky few...only work a few hours, no kids, just doggies. I am able to find time between taking care of hubby and my parents...for me its MY time!

here is a link to a card I made.

Amy said...

I craft while my son is doing his daily treadmill time (the treadmill is in my craft room). That way we can chat and I can make sure he gets his full time in without goofing off. How do I post my project???

Poohfabulous said...

Get the cleaning done early morning and I am free at night.

LiveLaughScrap said...

Lately, I have been staying up very late - around 2 / 3am. While I'm crafting, I;ve been listening & watching the Olympics. My space is in the living area too. No scraproom yet. i will try to make another card later, don't know if I have time today.


SheriB said...

I finished a scrap page. I find time to scrapbook in the evenings after supper is done. The kids come up sometimes in the scraproom with me and "create" at their own table. They are good because they don't bother me. (Not bad for a 4 and 5 yo!) I scrap about 4 days a week...sometimes more. is where you will find the picture of the page I just made!

Kendra said...

I am lucky enough to be a stay at home mom that has instilled a love for crafting into her children! We are fortunate enough that each of my children have their own baby bug and I have the Expression! So, I can pretty much craft anytime that we are at home. Here is the link to the Layout that I made. I am Scrappinformyfamily! Hope that you like it!

Anonymous said...

I squeeze time in every time I go near my room. It may only be a few mintues.

Than if I am lucky and it rains, I get a few more minutes in the room without having to worry about the kids wanting to go outside.

LiveLaughScrap said...

OK, I did it.
I got 3 cards made.
Here are the links for them.

I hope you enjoy them.