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Thursday, July 24, 2008

One more and then I am off to bed

We spent a day at the Corrales Pool last month and I got some great pictures. Tomorrow I will scrap Michal's page. I just have the swimming lessons pictures and I should be caught up on my layouts. I do mean shoud. I have a process for scrappin.

1. Get out all current books

2. Write each kiddos name and family on 4 pages

3. Go through each book and find missing events and pages

4. write them down

5. Find pictures and print them (or have them printed)

6. Scrap them

Seems methodical but it works. Keeps me updated. Plus I get to go through my books.

Enjoy this layout. It is simple to show off that great photo and the beautiful paper. I love the pattern but that darker blue green is so beautiful. The paper is ultra thick and took 3 passes to cut through. It is almost as thick as chipboard. Anyway Have a great night.

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