Be Patient with my blog as it is a work in progress for the next few days. I have a header I like and a blinkie. So now I need to completer the rest of the template. I am learning PS5 as I do this so it may take a few days. Happy Crafting ~~Misty

Monday, June 23, 2008

Too Early.

I have a love hate relationship with Monday. I love the idea of a new start to a fresh week. I hate getting up at 0 dark 30 to get ster off to work. Today I cannot seem to get myself back to sleep. So I have worked out and taken a long shower. I feel so rejuvenated. I think I am going to join weight watchers. They have meetings on Sunday and Ster is usually home so I may go this Sunday. It would be a great way to start my week. Some positive weight loss encouragement. It really is time to lose this weight. Look for a sneak peek this afternoon at some of the layouts being made for the new sales site. Here are some cute cards I made for anyone on the move.

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