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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Did I say I'm tired

Hum I am pretty sure I said I was tired. Guess maybe I forgot. Nope nope I did I said I was tired. And what am I doing AGAIN I am up at 5:30 with the kids, mainly the baby who has a belly ache, and I have cleaned and I have fed the other kiddos because it is now 9:30. I have done dishes and cleaned the floors, done a load of laundry, and even cleaned up the kids room. Still have to tackle the bathroom (not my favorite one to do.) Anyway I do these things every morning and they are usually done by now when I inevitably start all over cleaning the floors, picking up the messes, cleaning the yard and working on lunch. It really is an endless cycle. I am TIRED!!!!!!!! And lo and behold guess what he is sleeping in AGAIN!!!! When is it my turn UGH. Now some of you may say tomorrow. Guess what no we will go have breakfast and come back home where I will start cleaning all over again. Yes my house stays pretty clean. BUT AGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Can someone else pick up shoes, throw socks in the laundry, clean up the spill on the floor, something , anything. AGAIN I AM TIRED!!!!!

OK better now that I got that off my chest, I can go on. This was a very busy week for us. The kids had a great time at The Little Gym cowboy camp. We did get a ton done. I have done lots of playing with the gamsol technique. I will post pictures later today It is truly fabulous! We also visited Aaron, Lori, and Angie for a picnic at the park. BTW It is HOT here. Muy Caliente!!! So next week there will be swimming and there will be more gymnastics. And we will get back to the business of doing some schoolwork.

I now have 25 pages to photograph and upload to my sales site. I am working on card sets too. They are soooo cute. I did a set called We've Moved. You are gonna love these. I was inspired by a printed card Lori gave me with their new info on them. Handmade looks so mice so I made a set for anyone who will be moving soon.

Well tootaloo.

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Tamra said...

Hi Misty. Sounds like you guys are busy. We got back in NM late Tuesday night and are slowly getting rested and organized. Would love to see you and the kids, so let me know what's good for you.