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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Toooo Early

The sun comes up tooo early. So last night I was restless in my sleep. For one, we had a crazy storm blow through and it was a bit loud. For two, when our power returned the alarm clock had a fit and got very loud. Funny it only woke mom up. For three, Sterling was asking about some shirt in his sleep. hum. I am starting off the day tired, not good.

But I do have silence right now. All 3 babies are still sleeping and dad is off to work. Just me and my crafty stuff. And I am too tired to be creative. Yeah that should drop the yaws of a few. Me, not crafty, for the moment.

So today I am going to start my diet. I will lose this baby weight. I ordered wii fit and look forward to working out here at the house with it. I sure hope it is all they say it is. It will be here in a few weeks so until then pilates will just have to do. I think maybe that and a walk around the neighborhood.

I love our neighborhood. My favorite garage door is the glass one. I just love seeing a late 90's caravan and an old toyota pickup inside. It is like they are saying Hey look at me, look at my big house, my perfectly manicured yard, and I am not too proud to drive crappy cars!!!!

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