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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Something for everyone.

So we are going to use this as a little something for everyone. Some stuff for the famliy with pictures of the kids and family updates. Some stuff will be all about froggy and his racing antics. And some stuff will be about mom's love of scrapbooking.

For this one I will say that we are homeschooling the kids and they are doing very well. They are in soccer, gymnastics, violin, and a science class at explora. We also play in a pokemon league once a week with a homeschooling group.

Michal is wearing glasses now. Jackson is getting big and Alexis is almost walking.

Sterling likes his job and mom well she is just VERY busy.

The picture is of a fun day of homeschool lessons at the Botanical Gardens. We loved the new Japanese Garden exhibit and the Frontier House. Oh yeah and the boys loved the horse drawn wagon ride.


Tamra said...

Good to see you back in blogworld.

Robyn said...

Hey there!!

I tried to pull up the url for the challenge that you did but it is not working. Can you e-mail me the link at

The Pink Stamper

Homeschooling in NM said...

K Robyn I sent you a link to the folder with all my cards and layouts. Tell me what you think.